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Catalogue & Poster Design

Manhattan Youth (M.Y.) is Lower Manhattan's largest provider of quality childcare to families. M.Y. offers programming and services including but not limited to; After School (K-8), Community Center programming for newborns through 8th grade, sports leagues, day camps, sleep away camps, and aquatics.

As the Marketing Designer for Manhattan Youth, It was my initiative to unify all of the printed pieces under the M.Y. brand, while ensuring that each department still kept it's own aesthetic. The MY Downtown Community Center's program guide was an opportunity to show off the rich programming that the center offered.

The Manhattan Youth logo conveniently spells MY. I decided on a photo series featuring a physical M.Y. logo. The photographer, Cory Antiel, captured photos of our youngest members interacting with the logo, which I used for the catalogue and posters.

The logo interaction is indicative of the ownership that the children are encouraged to feel in regards to the Manhattan Youth facilities, programming and community. Many of the classes for the youngest members encourage sensory exploration through song, dance and art. Because of the programming which includes use of paint, I decided to use a watercolor motif with the images.

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Posters were designed with the same aesthetic as the catalogue.

The target audience was the parents of the children in the after school programs who were not already community center members. One of the largest M.Y. after school programs operates out of the community center in the evening, and when parents arrive to pick up their children, they are surrounded by the campaign. These posters were displayed in the stairwells and poster holders near elevators, and were designed to inform parents of the benefits of a Downtown Community Center membership.

Along with the work of the DeputyDirector of the Community Center and her team, this print, web and direct marketing campaign propelled a 25% growth in membership from Sept. ‘15 to Sept. ‘16.

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