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Moustache Apothecaries

Logo, Branding, Art Direction, Web Design
Independent Study

The business is a natural hair and skin care brand in line with today's sustainable and eco friendly trends, there is a product combination for the individual needs of each consumer. The products are based on natural remedies and beauty blends passed down through generations. Old school attention meets new school convenience.


  1. a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs.


Due to the specialty, handmade attributes of products from an apothecary, infusing a vintage feel into the logo felt like the natural direction to take.

The logo is whimsical, lending a playful quality to the brand aesthetic. I played on that with the shopping bags. The simplicity of the graphic is both eye catching and interesting, inviting the viewer to look or think longer about what they are seeing.
The AD campaign is designed for New York City transportation. A play on classic artwork, facial hair is added, conspicuously or inconspicuously to stoke interest.
Moustache stickers are included with each purchase to encourage patrons to contribute to the guerrilla campaign.
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