Kim McDonald - KDMC Shoulder Wallets

Logo, Branding, AD Design

Kim McDonald makes unique leather shoulder wallets and accesories. She meshes practicality and security with style and creates unique pieces that can be worn over or under one’s jacket. Her brand was in need of a refreshing, something that would have her stand out in the competetive world of high end leather goods.

The logo needed to be classy, feminine and practical. I went with a calligraphy script because it is timeless, and chose plum and blush because they are feminine colors that feel mature and warm. 

The promotional images were simple and straightforward, the colors of the image allow for the product and headline to pop, and the attention of the viewer is immediately drawn to the message.

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Opal A. Lynch
Brand & Marketing Designer


I am a visual problem solver. My small business marketing design experience has honed my attention to detail and stoked my passion for branding. I have experience with print and web including, but not limited to catalogs, posters, logos, collateral, web banners, HTML emails, Wordpress, WIX, MailChimp and Constant Contact.


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