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Change for Kids

In 2020 COVID 19 ground much of the world to a halt. Change for Kids (CFK) was a youth development org that had to redesign its entire service structure to remain impactful during this time.

Originally built to supplement the needs of schools, CFK pivoted it's model to focus primarily on the needs of the student served. I was commissioned to create a vision document that would communicate the thought behind these structural and service changes to board members, prospective funders, lobbyists and law makers.

In the Executive Director's words:

"This document sets out to share with each reader our envisioned path to what kids want, how agency fortifies their journey and the need for a fair chance to succeed."

References provided to get an idea of the brand aesthetic.

I worked closely with the Senior Director of External Engagement to build on the visual language the org was already using. 
The "Roadmap to Success" as a concept was an early decision that eventually shaped the flow of the document.
As there were many concepts to communicate (Mission, Tenets, Guiding Principles), the Director of Engagement would sketch out the connections and I would rough infographics to tie things together.

The document went through 28 versions, and some of the visualizations did not make it to the final, but the exploration was integral to truly understanding what needed to be further illustrated, and what ended up being distracting.
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